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The ISTA Board of Directors elects IPACE members who serve staggered terms of two years. IPACE rules require that it’s membership include three ISTA Board of Directors plus the ISTA President and Executive Director to assure that political decisions reflect the interests adopted by the ISTA Representative Assembly. The ISTA Executive Director appoints another staff member who serves as IPACE Secretary-Treasurer. IPACE also must include at least one member each from ISTA’s Education Support Professionals, ISTA-Retired, institutional teachers and Student Education Association.The remaining IPACE members are elected with attention to geographic, ethnic-minority, and political balance.


IPACE has organized and affiliated local Political Action Committees (PACs) within the District Council governance units of the ISTA. District Councils elect local PAC members in accordance with IPACE and local PAC rules. Each PAC has one vote per District Council unit represented at the time concurrence is sought on state-wide endorsement decisions.


IPACE elects its own officers, as do local PACs.

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